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Klamux, a free linux OS that will be available shortly by Steve Fruitt for Klamux, released for free under the GPL license. OS is a fork of Ubuntu 8.04. You're free to use this OS as long you give me credit for doing it. Enjoy :)

The download of kklamux-1.0.iso is available on the download page. It is based on ubuntu server with a generic kernel in place of the server kernel and it will work with most wireless and NICs. There will some that it will not work with. It has a KDE 3.5.9 gui. You get gnome desktop on my gklamux version and there is the xklamux version with has KDE 4.0 and XFCE4 which is the default gui.

The gklamux version has openoffice 3.0 and firefox 3.03 installed. I have yet to install these on the other versions. Please be patience with me as I am only one person doing this. I need some help and if someone wants to help. You will be given credit for all that you do on this project. Someone but I can not remmeber who told me that I can not do any of this because I am too old. I am 61 years old.

Linux is a world class OS.

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09.01.2008 Steve Fruitt LFS that used to build my os will not boot with sata drives on laptops or desktops. So this part of my linux is on hold until I figure it out.
09.04.2008 Steve Fruitt Trying to respins several linux versions out there. So far no lucks in completely removing logo and icons. You change them on the live cd and then when you boot it live it stays the same but when it is installed it has changed.
09.09.2008 Steve Fruitt Got some good news from nimblex.net about maybe getting their os to use make it look like mine but it is powered by them. Then I can spend some time tearing about my os.
10.01.2008 Steve Fruitt I have a problem that I need solved for the newest adventure. I have done a fork from Ubuntu 8.04 but the problem is that it will lock up most computers when you used it as a live cd. If you install it then it works perfectly fine. In fact, I am building this website with it.

Guess what people, I finally able to correct my problem. My live cd now WORKS. Which is good news. I have it up on the site. If you have download problems please email me and I will send you a copy for a small fee to cover my costs. Go to the download page and get it.

We are under construction

I am trying to program and built this site at the same time. Please keep this site going. I need money to help with costs. Since this is free operating system.

Continued ...

We are currently programming

I still having problems at this time. If there individuals out there who would like to help. Please email me.

News news news

We have more news being put out here all the time..

Live cd problems - need help with this problem. so email me. FIXED

Volunteer programmers needed. I am doing this for free. If any money comes in then I will share.

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